Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The desk area in the shop is finally finished. The desk itself is a gift from a friend. It was in a real bad shape with lots of stuff to be fixed and painted and I made extra shelves to fit the needs. This area is all very white but hopefully soon the wall behind it will be filled with lots of things to sell.

Because of the big doors this place can have a rather strong draft... I would actually call it windy... So I have rocks to keep the paper in its place and all little things are in the metal box .

The desk had some very malfunctioning drawers, so they were removed and I went to the baker and got some of those confectioners boxes. They are of great size, and real easy to move around. They contain whatever I need, like extra tape, prize tags and so on. I placed a curtain there to hide bigger things like extra packaging material.

Above the desk is a dispenser for gift paper. This one is a gift from my dad he gave to me when I opened my first studio and shop some 10 years ago. He made it of an old chair and table. I have used the same type of gift wrap for nearly 10 years. What can I say else than I really like it... The curly ribbon is white and has a satin surface. I used to wrap my pots in newspaper and cover it with the gift wrap, but now I use white silk paper. The scissor is old and fits well to my hand. It is on a leash because somehow it always seems to disappear for me.

I am satisfied now and I like standing behind that desk talking to customers.

Oh... the picture below, dinner: You guessed right, it is beetroot. I got to tell you, this is not the only picture I have after eating beetroot. I just think it looks great. It dries up in beautiful spots. I sometimes get a new view looking at my plates in use... This could be just another bad excuse for not doing the dishes but really it isn't.


Anonymous said...

Hvor ser det bare godt ud det hele Mette...jeg bliver simpelthen NØD til at 'køre forbi' en dag ;o)
Fik heller ikke sagt, at jeg er HELT vild med dine 'marketing papirer'....super fedt at de små snipper til at rive af, ser ud til at være skrevet på maskine! Nice touch ;o)
Du' go!!!

Angie from Dear Spring Green said...

Ohhh. Can I live in your desk/studio? It is all so beautiful. I always look forward to your blog posts. *Sigh*!

Ulrika said...

Men vilken fin affärsdisk! Och så funktionsenlig! Om jag hade en egen butik skulle jag nog också ha inslagningspapper i limegrönt! En av de finaste kulörerna som finns!

Här snöar det för fullt! Ha en fin dag!

Jimin said...

your studio looks wonderful. it's so organized.
your plate reminds of paint palette. i always love what's left over on my palette after finishing the painting.

Anonymous said...

Ville ønske at jeg lige kunne lade vejen passere dig, Mette. Jeg tænker på dig dagligt, når jeg tænder lysestagen. Kæmper stadig - er ret stolt af mig selv. knus Mette

Evla said...

What a wonderful blog, Mette! I´m Spanish, and I see your blog every day. I love all the things that you make. Greetings!

Michelle said...

I would love to visit your shop. It looks so beautiful....

Hurrayic said...

Beautiful job - you must be very pleased with all your hard work with the studio. Wish I lived closer.