Sunday, April 5, 2009

I hate plastic bags...

And I know I am not the only one. There seems to be today a movement going on, everyone seems to be using reusable cotton bags for shopping. Just some years ago it used to be only the elderly stingy bitter citizens who looked angry at you in the grocery line and took all the time in the world to find their little bag ( Often a old dingy thing, gotten as a promo-freebie from a bank ). That's not the way anymore. Now the hip kids use them as fancy accessories (just as people in Soviet Block used plastic bags in 70's - as fancy accessories...) Weird... I am not particularly young or fancy but I still hate plastic bags ( And has always done ).

All this going on and the fact that I finished the portfolio and had a lot of fabric leftovers kind of forced me to do something about it: I made 4 of these bags ( pose is he danish word for bag ). They are great. They can hold a lot more than the plastic bags and they are softer to hold, and you don't have to be worried that the handles will break on the way up the stairs leaving you with potatoes rolling down tree stairs, eggs all broken and a two year old who thinks this is all a lot of fun and quite interesting ( Oh yes we've been there... ). The bags are hanging in the hallway easy to grab on the way out.

Now I have to go on and pack for our little Easter holiday. We are taking three days in a nice country hotel surrounded by great nature... We are just going to relax and make others do the hard work... Happy Easter to everyone out there.