Friday, January 21, 2011

Something about taste...

I don't like dark chocolate... or let's say I used to not like dark choolate, but now I do... I guess it's what they call an aquired taste... We all know that it is important to let children taste a lot of different things, so they will develope their sense of taste. But really, it shouldn't stop there... I am 40 years old and I am still capable of aquiring new tastes... that's not a bad thing.

I am a coffee person but still I know that there are so many interesting tasty teas out there, and I would like to develop my tasteskills in that field. A good way to do that is to buy these little tins with just enough tea to get to know the taste.

And yes, the cans are beutifull and as empty, they are perfect for storing earrings.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lots of earrings...

I have a tendency to complicate things just a bit... Or so it might appear to other people. That's, not really what I think... As a matter of fact, I want to simplify things and in order to do that I need to know everything about the subject in order to extract the important stuff. For me that's a good way to work, but lets face it, once in a while it can be really nice to just do something without thinking too much. My father use to have this cap with the text " get the job done ". So one day I let that be the motto and decided to make some earrings for myself. I am not an expert at this, but should that stop me... no... I sat down and created a bunch of earrings thinking I might use some of them a lot, other less and some I might even never wear, but for now don't think about it... just get the job done... Now it is time to wear them and maybe make some alternations down the road.

They are a combination of pearls, semi precious stones, and some beads, my parents have brought home from their holidays. I made most of the hooks myself and hopefully in the future they will be the base for some ceramic earrings, because thats really what all the tools and wire is for... good to make some practical test on myself... like will they get angled in my hair ? ( I hate that ) How easy are they to put on ? and will they be irritating when taking a nap in the middle of the day ( The one you never have the time for anyway... ) ?

So that was that... one day with earrings... no more no less.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So it WAS Christmas...

And what happened ? I guess December just goes by so fast. It seems the same thing is happening with the month of January, so who ever it is that has pushed the time accelerator, please slow it down...

I am not much of a Christmas decorator. I normally just put up some extra candles and light chains, and allow myself to splurge in fresh flowers.

But as we all know, kids love Christmas and they also love decorating, so I decided to put up a "tree" in the kids room. The idea was to make some ornaments with Seth and put that on the tree together with all the stuff he brings home from kindergarten. It was perfect. We only made what time allowed, and avoided any Christmas stress.

It started out with the mother approaching it the aesthetic way, and since she believes in not controlling kids too much, she let the child colour the leaves green, which of course ended with the child who( luckily has his own ideas ) went to get his other crayons and coloured them blue, and suddenly decided to draw some boats... I mean boats... just can´t seem to find the Christmas connection.... or is it just me...?

Now the "tree" has been taken down and a new year has started. Happy New Year everyone...

In the storage room we keep a giant roll of sturdy drawing paper, which is great for projects like this. I will let this be a reminder to never put anything on that wall, so other projects like making background for his kitchen/shop or theater will be possible.