Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dea's 8 months old...

She turned 8 months yesterday. where did all that time go ? Not a difficult question... It went with four months of colic and some time to recover... but now I hope we are back in business. She naps about two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon leaving me some time for different projects. One of the things I had to make was a mosquito net for the pram. She even left me some time to make a little bag for it. So there it is hanging on the side making it easy to access on all these warm and sunny days (hopefully...) to come.

The mosquito net you can buy are just not big enough for this old pram, and most of them are black that I somehow just dont find looks pleasing with this type of pram. I bought some wedding tulle, measured up, and simply overlocked it all together. it is hold together at the edge with an elastic drawstring.

Most of the time I have her blanket on top of the mosquito net. She just sleeps more undisturbed that way.

The pram is really big and Seth had his nap in it till he was 2½ years old. For Seth we had one of those traditionel carrycots that have rather hard sides. Walking up and down thestairs to the apartement gave me bruises on the side of my legs. So for Dea we wanted something different and much softer. I found this bog basket for babies. It was perfect, soft and with a look that was more in style with the pram. Before she was born I made it up to date with sturdy fabric handles that went all the way around the basket. Inside I made a cover so keep her a little more protected. Inspired my the modern carrycots I made a little clasp to keep the handles together while carrying her.

The picture of Dea in the basket is from when she was 1 month old. We dont use the basket anymore for the pram, but it is still big eneough for her to sleep in, and we use it to bring when wisiting friends and we don't want to bring the pram. It is great for her. She feels at home and sleeps very well in it.