Monday, October 27, 2008

Shop Update...

There are new shirts in the shop. They are all made in cotton and a few in linen. With biasbinding and crocheted closures. They all have appliqued patches of vintage fabric on the albows.

The sizes are from 74 cl. to 100 cl. I have put sizing information on the website so it will be easy for both europeans and the rest of the world to find the right size.

Go take a look. These shirts looks really great with jeans. When it is cold use it with a thin longsleeved T shirt under, and mix it with a great scarf...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cookie magazine and a little blanket...

I don't do a lot of decorating during summertime, got so many other things to do. With fall comes the urge to fix things and clean everything. And then Joanna Goddard writes me an email asking if she could do a house tour and interview on Cookie magazine . What a great way to start redecorating by seeing all the pictures of the appartment. See it all here, and when you are there take a look at some of the other house tours, there are some great ones.

I decided I was gonna make a little project for the bathroom floor. We needed something for our feet when stepping out of the shower. It had to be small enough to dry quickly and not take a lot of space in the washing machine.

It turned out I had some fabric in my stash that was not all natural fibers. Since I only use natural fibers in my clothing I really had no use for it, Except "not all natural fibers" is actually a good thing for a project like this. So this is what happened: a big granny square made with a gigantic crochet needle. It works perfect...

Oh ... The floor in the picture above is from the restroom at the studio. I really like it, and would wish we had the same floor and light in our bathroom here in the appartment.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sock knitting and a dear friend...

The fall is here... it's raining and I like it... maybe I like it because I know I don't have to leave the house today. Having a city apartment with trees right outside the windows is really a thing. Right now colours of the leaves are changing every day, then in the start of december the branches will be decorated with christmas lights. Not bad at all.

I have been knitting a lot lately, but sometimes I just need something not complicated I can work with while taking care of Seth or cooking dinner.

Just a quick question here: Do you knit in the kitchen in between cutting potatoes and waiting for the egg plants to toast in the oven ? and Do you knit in bed...? I do both. Is that bad...?

Okay, so what I do is having a lot of parallel projects, one of them will eventually be at a stage of some simple knitting. Then I can take care of the complicated parts when there is peace and quiet over the field and simple knitting creates peace and quiet... Once in a while I knit socks. Nothing fancy, just grey socks, I keep my sock knitting stuff in a cake can with everything I need, there is always enough yarn to start a new pair for whoever needs. No thinking of colours, patterns or is there eneough yarn, nope, just make those socks as you have done it so many times. And this time it was for me and Seth

Knitting in bed made me think of a friend of mine; whenever she got a new boyfriend, she started eagerly to knit something for him but then they allways broke up before the knitting was finished. She herself says she knitted them away. Does that sound familiar to anyone ? She is, by the way, now very happily expecting kiddo # 2 with a great guy. I once started a very complicated sweater for a new boyfriend and actually even tried ( with no succes ) to finish it for the next boyfrind in line. And NO, I did not have a lot of guys comming around, as I said it was a VERY COMPLICATED sweater. I actually finished the sweater and gave it to brother in law even if it was a bit too big for him...

A couple of years ago I made a holder for my knitting needles and different other accessories. It is made of an old embroided tablecloth and has a very sturdy lining. It has a double compartment for both longer and shorter needles, and a couple of earrings I use as markers. I still haven't figuered out a good way to store my circular needles.

Even if it is raining, this is not a grey day and I might do a lot of writing about grey stuff since I like grey and I just have to show you these very nice traditional mittens a friend ( who lives way to far away from us ) gave to me. I cherish them a lot and I am allways afraid of loosing them. They are very skillfully made by a lady she knows. Luckily for the mittens I dont bike a lot so they are not worn out, I hope they will last for many more years.

This Friend has finally started blogging and you just have to check it out. She writes in sweedish but there is so many wonderfull pictures to see... This person never does anything half. She is a perfectionist and it shows. Go check it out...
At ullis blog I also found the link to a great vintageblog about clothes and just like Ullis blog this one is very honest and you get a great feeling of the person behind it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shop update

After quite a bit of cleaning yesterday at the shop I have listed the new pants.
I hope, in the future there will be a listing of new things every two weeks or so, so if you havent already put Flødehesten on your blogroll, now would be a good time. If you are not in to all this blogroll thing send me your email and I will let you know when there are news.

I will be making clothes in the size range from 0 to 6 years, but will be making the individually pieces in sizes, I find suits the actual design. There will be no sold pieces in the shop, but if you want to see them it will be possible at here

The pants below are in sizes 68 cl. (6-12 months) and 74 cl. (1-1½ year). all vintage cotton, machine washed and line dry, each piece unique.

Have a nice day... I will have now a latte and donut to celebrate !

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Once upon a time...

There was a girl who made kids clothes... well she actually made things people really liked, but she knew that if she wanted to grow up and become a real DESIGNER she had to study, and so she did... she constructed patterns over and over again, tested them on crying babies and she did a lot of thinking... life is no fairytale (well, sometimes it is... but that's another story) just a lot of measuring, drawing, cutting, calculating... and still no actual clothes to tell about... But then one day she was done with all the preparations... she could actually sit down by the sewingmachine, switch on the radio and enjoy being productive again. One happy girl who just cant wait to show you the 18 pair of new flødeheste pants !

Oh... by the way a little bird had found its way down the chimney, and insisted on being invited into the studio. It was a sweetie to have around for a couple of hours, before it found its way out to the place where only the sky is the limit... good for birdie...