Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The weather seemes to be getting a little better again, but we stayed in the apartment most of the day. Wanted to sew just a little more.... So this is just another piece of my world... The big bowl is made by a swedish potter charlotte karlsson whose work I really like.

Just made a little series of summer pants for girly babies. The lilac one on the bottom is for a friends little girl. She is really cute, and I think she will look like a sweet little troublemaker, all dressed up for a garden party

Our tour to Greece was very nice. John has been there many times, but it was my first time there...(and absolutely not my last). I met so many nice people there in Paleohora. Here is the picture outside Elias´ bakery. He was painting the cafe, and making everything ready for people to come. Seth took the trip so nice, even if he is just 4½ months old. It is so nice to have a child that doesn't cry when he meets new people...but maybe it is just because he is so small...

For a long time I have really needed to do something about the mess my sketching stuff is in. I could never find a pencil, or that particularly pen that I like. Just before going on vacation to Greece I made this little bag for it all. So now my world is just a little more organised. It is made from some vintage fabric and my own Crochet closure...Would like to make other thing with that type of closure

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Here is a picture of how it all looks here in the studio.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Its a new world....trying to figure out how it all works

The hole family has moved to he studio. We have made a temporary bed in the middle of it all. Just enjoying the sun and the time away from the apartment.