Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Basics in the fridge...

I was rather tired of all these little glasses in the fridge. All different sizes and shapes which made it absolutely impossible to stack them in our small fridge and to get some kind of idea of what was really in there.

  • Solution: Buy 30 beautifull glasses from here  and make a system that will last. Sylteglas.dk is a rather new site with a good service ( when I came to the bottom of the box they had included "free of charge" some labels...nice) So everything was put in the new glasses and now it looks better and makes it so much easier to find what I need.
  •  Something about labelling:  I have tried different things and have found out that my best labelling would be something that is low key and involves no mashines ( thats often low on batteries or missing labels... ), Also it should be easy to remove without using any chemicals. The labels that came with the glasses, should be watersoluble so one trip in the dishwasher should do it, but it doesn´t. So I guess I have to try soaking it for a little while. If soaking it evernight will not do the trick, this is not the solution. I have also tested normal labels for the printer and they actually go of in the dishwasher, but that doest´n meen it will be same after a longer period of time ( I tested it after one day... ). I have a waterproof pen that I use for labelling, and ideally the best system would be a glas of labels and the pen...so I still have to be sure about what labels to use... 

  • What we always have in the fridge: pickled gurkins, mangochutney hot, curry paste, limepickle, anchovies, maille dijon mustard fine, maille mustard with the seeds visible, sourdough for making ruebread ( I have a reserve in the freezer if it takes to long time between breadmaking...), strawberryjam, Chipotlechili in adobo, Ajvar ( turkish pepperpaste...), mayonnaise ( preferable homemade otherwise hellmanns...) piccadilly pickles.
 The glasses came with a glaslidd and little clips. This solution it pretty, but if it will be to difficult for the children to open and close I also bought some plastic lids the ones they use often ( If you are in doubt its the jams we are talking about... ) 

  • Things we occasionally have: Pesto, sundried tomatoes, other jams, different kinds of currie paste, different kind of dressings and sauces. different kind of pickles. Hommus or other type of spreadings.