Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

We are leaving in 6 hours...and still have something to do. It is always like this. Somehow I always end up doing some project in the last minute. Oh yes this time we also had to take care of my parents perennials and tomato plants, because they are on holiday. The flight was changed from Friday to Thursday... And I was in the middle of making dresses for me and clothes for Seth...Typical...And I have a lot of things to tell you about, but I guess I will be posting it all from Greece.

I still don't know how and when with the Internet connection, so until then I have a Gmail account.... mettespotteri(at)gmail(dot)com ...

The picture...?? well just a little something I found Secondhand . I think Seth will take his first step in Greece...

See you...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh...did I tell you...??

We are leaving for Greece next Friday. My maternity leave has ended, and John is taking the last 3 months. We decided to spend 1 month in Greece. I am supposed to be working there some of the time. I will bring my lab top and will be finishing different things for the studio, get thing organised and so on.

I know that all Seth will be wearing will be body stocking and a hat. And find it a bit hard to find good body stockings. They are to wide, have metallic snap fasteners, that I am not so crazy about. The fabric is to bad, and will loose its form in no time. When I find one I like it usually have some print that i don't like

Spend some time last night solving all of the above..and I like the result....have to make a little batch, and some with short legs.

I will dye it, not sure about the colour yet, but it has to be practical,since he spends most of the time on the floor.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shop update

I have finished the shirts. They will be in the shop tomorrow at noon. They are size 1-1½ year and size 1½-2 year.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Its my mothers birthday

My parents live on the countryside ,and that's where we go when it is just too much here in the apartment. They have had their own nursery for 30 years, and after retiring they moved to this wonderful place, and are in the middle of creating a very special and very big garden.....Have to remember to bring lots of tomatoes and cucumber home....

They have a huge knowledge of plants and have a big collection of their own, waiting in containers to be put out in the garden. They are really hardworking people, and now they are creating their own dream garden. My mother is always on to something, and it is even hard to get a picture of her...sometimes she has a little problems with her wrists, but if she keeps them warm they get better.

I made her 1 pair of mittens in angora yarn for the night, and two pairs in black fleece to be used in the garden. Hopefully she likes them and will use them a lot so she can be out there as much as she wants to, also at wintertime...Happy birthday mom....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Taking time

What would I do without him. When I get stuck in my head, in my life doing my stuff, he kicks my........making sure I go out there, see people. And yes I love it. Meeting people and making new friends is wonderful. Today I had coffee with hopefully a new friend, met two other Friends, and will be seeing yet another friend tomorrow....Fabrics, sewing, knitting,crocheting...have to wait

This Calender I would love to have hanging next to my board, just making sure I don't disappear into that world of one idea, and another, and another....The it really that long time since I took.... I wonder

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Today I just got to write something about this blog universe. I have always felt a little alone with all this making. But there are so many people out there, doing amazingly things. It sort of stresses me out to know that I just can't keep up with it all. I also have found out that it takes me a little while to get the feeling of the person behind it all. Its a dilemma. Today I will list some of the blogs that are special to me. Karin Erikson for being the first blog I saw. Karkovski for being the first blogger I met, great person with a very wellwritten lifestyle blog, One door down and Mettetations; two women with great taste and children at Seths' age. Emmas designblogg for showing great interior designs. Wiksten for writing about and making clothes in a way I can relate to and Bara for making the sweetest drawings of herself in different outfits. Townmouse because I always find it interesting to see people beeing both creative and productive.....oooohhhh noooo there are just so many, but I guess I have to stop here.

By the way, this is the first thing I made for Seth, and therefor special. He likes the little bell in the corner and the wooden thing he can bite. It has a lot of crocheted thingies and velvet and satin. It has been gone for three months, and today I found it with one of my knitting projects ( how did it get there ? ) so now I am happy...


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back when I used to live alone, well and sometimes felt rather...alone....I used to leave the house with the lights on, take a walk on the street peaking through peoples windows. It seemed to mee that they all had this nice, cozy life. When I came back to the house I peaked through my own sure looks nice in that house....and surpricingly I would say...OH ITS MY HOUSE. I would walk inside again, do nice things like all other people, and then I would just feel a little better.

Today Emma from Emmas designblogg is showing pictures from our apartment. Its making me feel a bit like back then but mostly I feel honered that she wanted to show these pictures on her great blog. The picture above above is one of the seven she is go see her blog...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Making new designs

I know it is too hot but he only had it on 5 minutes... Just had to show you how cute it looks on. I designed the shirt and right away i knew I had to make real simple denim and corduroy pants to go with it.

I will be making these in different fabric combinations in sizes ½-3 years. They will all have crocheted closure and vintage fabric. The first 8 are already cut and ready for sewing. They are in size 1-1½ years and 1½-2 years.

The denim and corduroy pants are just plain and simple with elastic waist. They are available in size ½-1, 1-1½, 1½-2, 2-2½, 2½-3 years. They will be in the shop tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Just had to tell you...

Yesterday I had a little help from my nieces and my mother. we went to the post office with the the parcel, because when you are sending things to the castle, you need little helpers....After we had coffee and milkshake...nice...I want to thank you for reassuring me it was the right choice...and yes Inge now you have to read the tabloids. Do let me know if you see her wearing the would make me so proud.

Shop update

These baby pants, 3/4 long, size 1-1½ year, will be in the shop later this evening

Monday, August 6, 2007

Thoughts on sewing daily wear...

I love watching The sartorialist but my life is different, and I have to adapt fashion into something that works for me. I nearly never wear high heels, and clothes that has to be adjusted through the day just doesn't work for me. I get dressed in the morning, and then I sort of just forget what I am wearing. It has to be practical, feel good, and of course look good...I hate clothes that doesn't fit me perfect, therefor for years I have been making most of my own clothes, including the rather boring but essential pieces like the long tops in black

This is an old pattern, mostly used working in the ceramic studio. See the picture of the old rag. it is dead, but you should just feel the is so soft and linen.... I love it so much that it is now adapted in to this pattern. Wiksten has written a little something about uniforms....and beautifull ones. I have a thing about making in little series, and I think that one of the dresses will be dyed( not sure of the colour yet...any suggestions ?? ) >UNIFORM studio makes beautiful clothes in linen, and her way of working, like a scientist doing research is interesting reading.

I like the look of a little loose tops, with the straps hanging casual on the shoulder...but these straps always falls down, therefor they have a closure solution on the shoulder ( see below ). my long jersey tops have small buttons on the shoulder, and are attached in the middle of the back to keep them from falling down ( and I like the look). Now i just hook whatever dress I am wearing on to the jersey top...and It all stays in place.

I am very careful when I choose fabric, and never really trust it before it has been washed and worn for some time. I am also very careful with my basic patterns, and some of them have been used for many years. I take pictures and keeps in plastic pockets. These clothes I never get tired of, and I wear them to the ground.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Today I am royalist....

Had some time reading the newspaper this weekend....And there she was,Isabella the little princess. I know that the little prince is wearing a stylish hat from Kristine, see the picture here, and I realized that of course this little 4 months old princess has to wear a pair of Flødehesten baby pants. I have chosen the light purple ones...but what do yo think...should i choose one of the others....or ???. I will be shipping it tuesday, so please let me know before.

Friday, August 3, 2007

It feels like painting

Yesterday I cut up fabrics and crocheted closures for 6 new baby pants in size 1-1½ year....This part of the process is like painting. This board is opposite our sofa/bed so here I have coffee looking, and maybe changing some colors...and when I woke up today it was the first thing I saw...So today i am gonna be sewing...I JUST LOVE IT

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Things I want to be better at !!

I am not so good on social life. I have this thing about disappearing into my own world, crafting and doing a lot of stuff....But it is important to go out, and when I do I really love it. Some weeks ago we went to this nice place called Vrads station. It is a veteran railroad. It was just such nice people, and a very special atmosphere. Great cake by the way.