Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Going to the library

Since I was child, I have loved libraries and books. I don't read many fiction books but I love factual literatur that cover any subject, may it be art, science , or some third thing... And offcourse, the ones with many pictures are the best. In our town we have a great library, and I visit it as often as I can. My plan is to bring our son Seth there and make him enjoy it as much as I do.

For his one year birthday I made this library tote. It fits over his shoulder, but the strap is adjustable, so it stays with him for a long while. It has attached a wooden ring, he can have things hanging, like these beads and the crochet covered bell. Later I hope he will have his Ipod, keys, cellphone or something else... we will see

The thing is... I want one too... hmmmm... But then he would probably be too embarrased using his... Such a dilemma...