Monday, September 24, 2007

Another way of life

We went on a barbecue with some new friends. She is from Thailand and he is from Portugal. They live in an camping van with their two kids. They are both 22 years old and have been travelling around the world for the last 4 years. Pedro already was travelling as a kid, since his father was doing exactly the same as he is doing today...selling handcrafted jewelry on the sidewalk. It was as if we were back in the sixties (well that's what John see I can't really know that since I am rather "young"). It is amazing to hear a very young person - Pedro - saying " you can not get anything good quality anymore, everything has changed to the worse". I don't agree, some good things has disappeared, but there is also somethings that has changed to the example...I love the fact that the the Internet has given me the opportunity to get connected with people doing things similar to what I do....If I want a good quality silk jersey, and I just can't find it anywhere in my local stores...well it is no problem anymore...see I think that is a good thing for people not living in the big cities...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nights in Paleohora

Every evening we take a stroll in the village, and quite often it involves having cake at Elias. Elias has a café in the middle of the town and during the summer he sells the cakes he bakes at home in his kitchen. He spends winter in the nearby city of Chania where he combines seeing friends and family with his freelance work as movie producer. Before Elias restored old Lambretta scooters…. Now he is a true believer of all new age kind of things, and spends November at a meditation workshop up in the mountains. He is a great guy with very good taste in cakes and other things…don’t you just love that vintage scooter…..? …..When you sit in his café you look at the vegetable grocery…that place seems to always be open and there is always great amount of social activities going on at that place……thinking…I hope he will make his orange cake today..

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paleohora life

I am working on my homepage. It is just so much nicer to sit here doing that. Today is going to be a hot day, and I want to finish all this programming before the heat comes. Later maybe the beach....

Here is a few pictures from around the city, and from our room....aesthetics and Greece....I don't know...!!....why is that ??

Saturday, September 8, 2007


All we do is basically eat and relax......Like the locals, I would say....."no problem"...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The sky is the limit….

I like having basic fabrics ( all white ) in my stash. Cotton jersey, silk jersey, viscose jersey, cotton corduroy, white and neutral linen in different weight, wool jersey and some others with interesting structure or feeling to it. I also have basic yarns and threads in white. I then dye it after or before sewing, that way I can make whatever I want and not get in these situations : ……”Oh what a beautiful color…but oh no…polyester….or what a wonderful texture and ….ooops…I wish that blue was just a little more……” Did anyone say control freak. Well it is more a matter of unlimited opportunities. I think this is one of the reasons that I ended up as a potter. There will always be enough clay and no limits except that of the materials own.
Before leaving we spend a couple of days in my studio. I did some cleaning, but also had the time to dye the body suits I made for Seth . I really like it and hope I can also find the time to make some prints…that would be so much fun. Did I say no limits and did anyone mention time as a factor…..

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some people think that creative minds are alike, but they are not ! …All creative people have some kind of drive, something they just have to do, but different things and different drives. I find illustrators faschinating. What is it that makes them grab that pen, drawing some fabulous little creature….? I have no idée, I just know I love looking over their shoulders while they are doing it. Their creativity is from another world then mine which is more : Hey that square wheel…lets make it round and while we are at it, should it be green or blue…hmmm….maybe a bluish green….oh yes that would look good with my yellow dress…

Illuatrators are like writers, telling stories. Some of my favorites out there in the blogosphere is Elizabeth dunker : fine little day and fine little thing. She tells really good stories with both pen and camera. Sara: Happysilly Her dreawings are so fragile and with edges just look at this little worried sweetie below. I just want to make her coffee, sit with her until that phone call from the doctor. Kate Neckel Just so funky and great patterns and energy. Tiel: tsk tsk. Quiet, sweet and with great colors. Now go check their blogs....

Monday, September 3, 2007


Very unusual. There I was, just sitting in one spot for one hour. High temperature and high humidity. Drinking water and pushing the camera button once in a while was all I accomplished that hour. Oh yes that’s right… I did leave the chair once for the self portrait. It’s a cliché, but things are slow here. How do they do it ? I get bored so quickly….Are they different ? Is it because of my protestant heritage that I feel guilty not doing anything or is it just a matter of personality. I guess that all the Greek have accomplished in the dawn of our civilization, must have been during wintertime. By the way John is not Greek but he could be. I had no idée that the newspaper ( Weekendavisen ) could last that long…..

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Body suits

Before we left I made 4 short body suits for Seth, with crocheted closures. I was rather content with the result, so today I made sketches for different types that I would like to make. No sewing machine, but just pen and block for drawing on balcony. I am using my camera instead of scanner. Well, it works…I have brought my crochet needle and some thin linen thread, so maybe I will make some tests of different types of closures. I really like this idea of making the crochet details, in specific design for a specific piece of clothing. Outside the locals are honking horns; a Greek wedding I suppose…I will be posting, but have to go to an internet café for uploading, so not much time for surfing around all the wonderful blogs out there….but I am still here….

100 miles north from Kaddafi… ( we’re in the most southern point of European Union )

It is nice that we by now have all the packing, organizing and to-do-lists behind us. We have rented a room with no kitchen, so we are looking for a small apartment. It is really hot here, 35 degrees in the shade and I am not at all used to it, but it helps having the ocean close by for a dip, when it’s burning and my brain is melting… It is really cool sitting outside sketching; you see I am not really the holiday kind of type, but I sure like the idea of working a bit, having coffee at a café, observing other people, working, eating, swimming, and so on…..Seth has been dipped in the ocean, and he likes it except when the waves are too high. I haven’t been swimming in the ocean since I was ten. It might sound stupid but I am afraid of fish, seaweed and especially crabs, but I want to get rid of my phobia. I have been swimming both yesterday and today…And I am doing just fine….