Monday, September 17, 2007

Nights in Paleohora

Every evening we take a stroll in the village, and quite often it involves having cake at Elias. Elias has a café in the middle of the town and during the summer he sells the cakes he bakes at home in his kitchen. He spends winter in the nearby city of Chania where he combines seeing friends and family with his freelance work as movie producer. Before Elias restored old Lambretta scooters…. Now he is a true believer of all new age kind of things, and spends November at a meditation workshop up in the mountains. He is a great guy with very good taste in cakes and other things…don’t you just love that vintage scooter…..? …..When you sit in his café you look at the vegetable grocery…that place seems to always be open and there is always great amount of social activities going on at that place……thinking…I hope he will make his orange cake today..


Fine Little Day said...

Oh yes, that scooter is cool.
Thank you for being so generous with your pics.
Looks like you have a great time.

Kirti said...

Gorgeous pictures thanks Mette. I haven't been to Greece since 1991 and they bring back great memories. That trip was the reason I ended up living in Arhus!Enjoy the rest of your