Saturday, September 1, 2007

100 miles north from Kaddafi… ( we’re in the most southern point of European Union )

It is nice that we by now have all the packing, organizing and to-do-lists behind us. We have rented a room with no kitchen, so we are looking for a small apartment. It is really hot here, 35 degrees in the shade and I am not at all used to it, but it helps having the ocean close by for a dip, when it’s burning and my brain is melting… It is really cool sitting outside sketching; you see I am not really the holiday kind of type, but I sure like the idea of working a bit, having coffee at a café, observing other people, working, eating, swimming, and so on…..Seth has been dipped in the ocean, and he likes it except when the waves are too high. I haven’t been swimming in the ocean since I was ten. It might sound stupid but I am afraid of fish, seaweed and especially crabs, but I want to get rid of my phobia. I have been swimming both yesterday and today…And I am doing just fine….

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