Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy week ahead...

Tomorrow is the end of my holiday, and I have a very busy week ahead. That's alright as long as I have the feeling of being on top of the situation. There is no way that our house can be totally organised, and to be honest that is also not something I am striving for. Activity is a messy thing...fine with me. But one area that has to be in perfect order and up to date is the calender and my desk ( which is actually just a couple of shelves in a closet...)

There are many ways to organize things... I like to keep it simple and flexible. I have a little metal tray that holds important papers just simply organized with clips and a little cream colored strip with the subjects that concerns our everyday life....

Examples are Freezer inventory, weekly baking recipes, meals, Seth, Dea, Work schedules, My cookbook, Stickers for Seth  ( Rewards...). In the bottom of the tray are extra clips and strips of paper.

At the wall we have a year planner, and a more detailed 2 week ahead plan ( that's where we put all plannings like what to eat, shopping memo and whatever is important to remember. At the end of the weekend I normally take a look at the week to come, and try to jot little things down

Thats really all... It is simple but it works

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Mette said...

Jeg er i gang med samme øvelse, simpel planlægning. Det er desværre ikke lykkedes mig at finde en uge kalender til at printe på nettet. Har du fundet din på nettet....!?