Friday, May 1, 2009


It was so easy... Just one click, then one more... one more... and suddenly I had bought a whole bunch of seeds... I just couldn't help myself. But you also have to remember that I grew up in a nursery and I know that sowing is really the easy part of all that garden fun. So I restrained myself and only put half of the seeds in little pots saving the rest for next year. My dad has a very fine table in the greenhouse where he nurtures little baby plants, so I asked for some sowing advice and a little space next to all his seedlings hoping that his luck will rubb of to my plants too.

I found a beautifull book about flowers on sale at the supermarket, and I realized that Lathurus Odorata dont like to have their very fragile roots disturbed which gave me the perfect opportunity to buy that little tool "the potmaker". Can you believe it I am a potter and I buy a potmaker... isn't that a bit weird ? But you see you just cant rip of the buttom of a ceramic pot and then plant it in the garden... you see it was a total necessity... The funny thing is that even if we have one at the farm my dad had to make one himself when he saw the one I bought ( He is the lucky owner of a woodturner )... probably just to prove that he could, so now there is two of them lying around in the greenhouse... even more strange... They are functioning perfect and are great space saver if you don't want to save all those little plastic pots for next year. Just remember, only use newspapers that you have read or you will just end up reading the paper, drinking coffee, getting frustrated over poverty and crises, and the climate change... Of course that is also important but maybe on another day...

Here is what is in the little pots...

1 stk. Blomsterkarse, Milkmaid.
1 stk. Frøkenhat. Envy.
1 stk. Basilikum. Sweet Genovese.
1 stk. Ærteblomst. Wiltshire ripple.
1 stk. Ærteblomst. Mix.
1 stk. Ærteblomst. Grandiflora America.
1 stk. Blomsterkarse. Orange.
1 stk. Frøkenhat. Zinnia, dahlia flowered mix.
1 stk. Katost. Malva Sylvestris Zebrina.
1 stk. Levkøj, Matthiola longipetala.
1 stk. Mamelukærme, Rosa.Lavatera trimestris.
2 stk. Pragtsnerle. Caprice. Frø.
1 stk. Pragtsnerle. Crimson Rambler.
1 stk. Pragtsnerle. Milky Way.
1 stk. Opiumsvalmue. Papaver somniferum.
1 stk. Silene colorata, Pink star.
1 stk. Sløjfeblomst. Iberis candytuft red flash.
1 stk. Stedmoder. Can can mix.
1 stk. Stolt kavaler, Cosmos, Candystripe.
1 stk. Stolt kavaler. Pied piper red.
1 stk. Tobaksblomst, Tinkerbell.
1 stk. Trompetkatost. Malope trifida. Pink Queen.
1 stk. Kørvel, Dansk, Anthriscus cerefolium.
1 stk. Bladbede Rainbow chard.
1 stk. Fennikel.
1 stk. Tomat Green grape.
1 stk. Tomat Yellow brandywine.
1 stk. Valsk bønne Aguadulce.
1 stk. Pot maker.

I bought it all from Frøbutikken. The service was fine but I needed more information on the packaging and was also missing quite a few of the latin names. So next year I might try buying from Thompson and Morgan... we will see