Monday, July 2, 2007

Our Apartment

We are 3 people living in a small apartment at about 78 square meters. I will try to show that Small space living doesn't have to be cramped. We are two grownups who takes a lot of space. I do a lot of crafting, and John likes to collect things. We should maybe live in a big big house, but we don' we have to come up with alternative solutions. I will tell about what we have done by room. But first is here an overall look of the apartment.


Anonymous said...

Arj hvor spændende - jeg har længe tænkt på om ALLE dog ikke kunne lave en plan over deres hjem og vise billeder, så jeg kunne "snuse rundt på besøg" - jeg er jo så skide nysgerrig!

lovely textiles said...

I've just found your blog and have fallen in love with it! Please do blog more, more, more about small living space. I'm a crafter in a small flat with a baby & partner, I think there are lots of us out there! x

Anonymous said...

Just going through your archives this morning, and enjoying your entries so much. Especially this one!! Thank you so much for writing about and photographing your small space and how you live in it. We are in 87 square meters (four of us), but split in two levels, so we lose space because of the staircase. It is a house, but no basement or any other large storage area. The small space becomes quite a catalyst for your lifestyle, doesn't it? (Oh, and I loved your post about the linen "uniforms" you sew. Very beautiful and practical and something I am starting to do, too.)