Friday, January 22, 2010

Wardrobe analysis - part three; knitted pieces.

You know, I love to knit... I like knitting a lot of simple pieces and a few complicated ones. The reason for that is: I knit while watching movies and even in the dark while tucking Seth ( I have to admit, most of the times John does that... ) I do love real beautifull laces and other intrigate stitch patterns, I just don't have much time for such focus demanding knitting. There was a time when I did make really complicated and colourfull knitting, it was fun making, but I didn't really wear them that much. Now I actually produce knitted pieces for my wardrobe. Thinking I need long sweaters, I knit long sweaters. That is not going to make me the most adventurous knitter, but I get to wear these my own classics a lot. Not saying that I am not craving some fancy ponchoes, cape's or really cute hats, but I still have a gap in my esential knitted pieces, I intend to fill first.

The following type of knitted garments should fit in katagories, so the vest type could be poncho, capes, tight traditional vests or oversize long vest... But lets keep it simple...shall we ?

I find it extremely important, how knitted pieces fit. If the design of the cardigan is tight, then it actually has to end up fitting me tight... This I find is the most difficult part of knitting for yourself and is mainly the reason, I work in just one type of yarn ( at least for wool...) and therefor always have the same gauge. It is like having your personal sewing slope, you can alter down the road... I think after I have knitted a good part of the below listed sweaters and cardigans, it will be very easy for me to alter and combine my patterns...but we will see.

This is my favorite type of sweater. Long enough to cover my behind and with a deep ribbed boatneck. It is knitted in fine wool gauge 30, and is perfect for wearing at "in the house" temperature. I always have a fine cotton boatneck T-shirt and a top under. I like the look of the wide neck shoving the straps from the top.

In summertime the temperature goes a bit up and down. Then you are in the sun... very hot, so the cardi goes of... (Not my favorite spot by the way...normally you can find me under a parasol or tree) Then suddenly there is a wind blowing, in the wonderfull shade... and the cardi goes on... It certainly is a lot of work being in nature... I think the best cardi for this is cotton. For dresses I like the look of a short cardigan that has to fit tightly and I think the above look could be really nice. Currently I am testing cotton yarn. It has to be mashinewashable, fairly easy to knit and should not get out of shape or make these little dots all ower as bad cotton does. I think I have found it... I will tell you more about that another time.

Not much to say about this one. Just a normal cardigan. Not too tight and with a slight or even no waistshaping.

The vest: I like layering up with vest ( well in theory at least ). I think they are a very stylish way to mix without making the look to heavy. I don't really have any of these, so here is something for future projects.

Very thick woolen sweater, thigh lenght. Mainly for wearing in the studio at winter or under my raincoat on chilly days. OH YES... I see myself happily walking down the street with a baby stroller, smiling that way only newly mothers do when it is raining cats and dogs... Oh boy how annoying...

The thick long woolen cardigan. Mostly used as a jacket on chilly summer mornings or at spring or fall when it is not to cold.

And offcourse, all the assesories; hats, wristwarmers, legwarmers and mittens. Well, It will be nice to have a few of these to just give that detail. I am especially fond of the design for legwarmers I am currently working on.

Once again I have to say... it is time for coffe and white chocolate...

Oh-my... I guess I have a lot of knitting to do...

I Will be back tomorrow with something about shirts, blouses, and dresses...


karen said...

THANKS a million for your posts about wardrobe - I really like your point of view since we almost have the same ;o)

can't wait for the next one.

Dolores said...

sooo interesting - thank you for sharing!