Friday, January 22, 2010

Wardrobe analysis - part two; pants

Back when in highschool you just had to have one pair of jeans, lewis 501, a little to big and gathered in the waist with a nice leatherbelt. Then a pair of converse basketball shoes... Suddenly I remember my favorite knitted sweater, made by myself. Cream coloured cotton with the lyrics of Susanna Vega embroidered on it.

It's not like that anymore. I still love jeans, but I wear different types.

One thing I have never had, is a pair of black pants... I guess it just doesn't fit in.

Here is what I have figured out should be in my closet:

Jeans: Low or medium low waist. Straight legs. Light or medium blue wash. I always wear these with a blouse that ends at a little lower than the hips. I wear these with low laced up boots and even with a little cuff, or with gaucho- or high heel boots.

Light or medium coloured jeans can be a bit hard to find around here, and I just don't dare to buy them online. It is mostly during summertime I have succes in finding the right pair...

Jeans: Low or medium low waist, slight bootcut. Light or medium blue wash. These are the only type of pants, I wear with my waistline visible, and always with a simple belt in cognac coloured leather.

Jeans: Low or medium low waist. slim fit. Light or medium blue wash and one pair in dark blue. I like slim fit jeans with ballerina style shoes or low boots with legwarmers. The tops, I use for these type of jeans, are alway long, nearly a short dress, and often has a straight cut without a lot of waist shaping. I have to admit that there are few things I find less flattering than slim jeans showing waistline... The jeans have to be so narrow that they make a little ruffle around the ancle without sliding under the foot or shoe. These jeans are also the ones I use for tucking inside long boots.

Lounge pants...( by more atletic people than me, often called as yoga pants ) made of very soft cotton that should have a nice drape to it. These are mostly used for me when hanging around in the house just being really comfortable. Its my own pattern and they have a string combined with elastic at the waist. The elastic at the foot should have the excactly lenght; loose enough to fall around the ancle and tight enough to not slide under the foot. On cooler days in the summer, I sometimes use them under dresses, worn with flat sandals.

Slim pants: These are used just like the slim jeans. They are made of woven fabric in my own sewing pattern, and has a zipper in the back, and for comfort a little elastic in the sides. They make a bit of a ruffle around the ancle.

The experimental ones: Not a reality yet, but I have for a long time flirted with the thought of grey tweedy pants, maybe highwaisted and with wide and perhaps a bit short legs to go with my ballerina T strap shoes or low, laced up boots... A little Bonnie and clyde style... not quite sure yet. These defenetly call for a slim waistline, and since nothing like that is going to happen the next 7 months + this experiment has to wait...

I will be back tomorrow with something about knitted pieces. Goodnight...

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Dolores said...

Mette, if I ever find the way to Denmark, I have to visit your place - you are really sewing all these incredible pants YOURSELF with YOUR OWN pattern???
You are such a georgous girl...but let me know - is there a little hint for a new baby??? no waist the next 7 month???