Monday, July 30, 2012

Making dinner simple...

I have a tendency to overdo things... Dinner is the same.

I cook to many different things and I cook to much..

I don't like to throw food out ( Who does ... ) So what happens is that dinner often is something from yesterday combined with something new.

Today's scenario was pasta salad with roasted red peppers, salted and toasted almonds, shallots, garlic, pesto and basil. Some leftover pizza from yesterday and some hummus from two days ago... Strange combination.

So whats left after dinner is half of the pasta salad, still some pizza and hummus left.

Got to change this... do I..

The future "dogma" rules is

Keep it simple...

Don't cook more than:

Rise and dried pasta 80 g per person.
Fresh pasta 125 g per person.
Potatoes 250 g per person. if its the main thing, otherwise use less.
Soups 2½ dl. per person and combine with a side dish.

Use mostly vegetables from the garden, and remember crunchy stuff...

4 days with meat 100 g per person, 2 green days, and one with fish.

Don't be stingy with oil, cheese, nuts

My kids ( If they eat... ) don't eat more than a quarter portion.

Don't experiment to much, get the basic stuff right... ( This I probably will have a hard time with but i will try...)

Hope you had a good dinner for me it is coffee time...


Ulrika said...

Men Mette! Du blir väl mätt?! Minns hur mycket vi åt sommaren på Etelhem...

Mette said...

Jeg kan heller ikke få mig selv til at smide mad rester ud, og ja, det indebærer til tider lidt pudsige sammensætninger. Tak for inspiration og gode råd!