Friday, January 21, 2011

Something about taste...

I don't like dark chocolate... or let's say I used to not like dark choolate, but now I do... I guess it's what they call an aquired taste... We all know that it is important to let children taste a lot of different things, so they will develope their sense of taste. But really, it shouldn't stop there... I am 40 years old and I am still capable of aquiring new tastes... that's not a bad thing.

I am a coffee person but still I know that there are so many interesting tasty teas out there, and I would like to develop my tasteskills in that field. A good way to do that is to buy these little tins with just enough tea to get to know the taste.

And yes, the cans are beutifull and as empty, they are perfect for storing earrings.


Candy said...

I usually try to spread out my comments. Funny thing: this morning is spent 10 minutes trying to find matching earrings before work -not so fun when you don't have your glasses on, and are too lazy to fetch them. I'll have to get some cans.
PS: Congrats on you beautiful new baby.

By MARIANNE said...

Flotte dåser, men super flotte smykker i forige indlæg. De blev studeret nøje. Du kan det der.

La Rimule said...

Ah "Kusmi tea"... so good !