Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Me and my watches...

When I met John something new entered my world: Vintage watches ! I had no idea anyone could have so many opinions or even words about watches. I am not completely taken over, but I certainly look at them in a different way. Another fun part is that we both wear our watches on the right hand, and that is even long before we met each other... strange, or just ment to be ?

And he wears gloves when driving (the watch here is neither vintage or his favorite brand Rolex, but a daily beater; a Omega)...

So It didn't take long before he gave me a Rolex Oyster Perpeyual Explorer. This is what the officia rolex site says about it: "Rolex Oyster Perpeyual Explorer made an auspicious debut in 1953, after Sir Edmund Hillary’s
successful ascent of Everest. Since then, these robust Oyster Perpetual
chronometers have demonstrated their dependability far and wide, defying the
most extreme conditions." I like the extreme condition part knowing that I can wear it at the studio without beeing worried that it is a nice thing. I always wear it with some piece of jewelry to give this toolwatch a feminine touch.

This is my other watch and a complelely different one. For me this is used as any other jewelry, but it is fully functional, even if I have to set the time and wind it every time I use it. I have it in a golden leatherband but I am looking for a sturdy silver necklace for it instead... why silver ? I just like the fact that it doesn't quite match.

I love technical drawings and have seen so many beautifull ones of watches but somehow today I had a hard time finding, so you just have to trust me on that one...but don't you love the airplane ?

Chronograph watches has the same aestetic quality as blueprints or technical drawings, so on my wishlist is a chronograph with a light coloured dial with telemeter and a cognac coloured leather ( strap )... - with white seaming.

I looked at a lot of chronographs today to kind of figure out what I like. I like the marine one for the colours and just because it is a bit funny. Some I liked for the thin red lines or hands. One I liked because it had a spiral. Another for its beautifull double line and the green togeter with the cream colour. But I also found out that I am not much for roman numerals, normal time markings are more my thing. If it is gold or steel was not so important. I kind of like both for this type of watches.

This last picture, I can't really remember where I found it ( So if it is yours, please let me know so I can credit ). I put it here because I would love to wear a piece of jewelry with the chronograph that somehow echoes the lines and forms of the watch.

Thats all for today. Time flies but now it is time to go...


Ulrika said...

Vad intressant! Jag hade en period för flera år sedan då jag alltid bar klocka. Alltid en fin gammal från någon secondhandbutik. Men så kom mobilerna och jag slutade med klocka. Den finns ju i telefonen! Tycker fortfarande att det är så snyggt med klocka. Särskilt en gammal! Tittade på mina klockor senast i söndags, nu blir jag sugen på att börja använda dem igen!

Dolores said...

I am so definitly NOT into watches (long time it was the once hip Casio G-Shock, after this one decided to break down, nothing and now a vintage Swatch from my HB collection) BUT I can definitly understand why YOU are into it - the precision thing - a person doing such incredible knittings and sewings HAS to have a heart for extremly exact things - so very nice to lift a bit the treasure of analogue watches - thank you