Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Knitting lady Mabbott part 2

I wanted Lady Mabbott to be a tight fitting cardigan in thin yarn. I decided to make it very simple so I wouldn't complicate things too much for my first seamless set in sleeve cardigan. The instructions in Elisabeth Zimmerman's books are for a sweater and she would probably have made the cardigan by knitting in the round and then cut it up later. Since I like my knitting to not be "broken", I decided to knit it back and forth on circular needles. This also gives me a lot of freedom when it comes to shaping the neck. Luckily, I don't mind to purl... I hope that knitting this cardigan will teach me to transform future design ideas into actual knitting.

So this is how it is progressing: I am ready to join the sleeves to the body and start knitting the seamless set in sleeves and body all in one... jubii !

Here are the mainlines from the logbook:

18 April: Cast on 235 stitches( This number is the Key number ) with cream coloured yarn using the long tail cast on and needles size 2 mm. Start knitting the first row ( being the wrong side of the cardigan ) purl 2, knit 1, purl 1......knit 1, purl 2. Knit this ribbed edge for 12 rows.

Change to the orange yarn and knitting needles size 2,5 mm. Start knitting plain stocking stitch, first row being the rigth side of the knitting. Knit 59 stitcehs place first marker ( side seam ). Knit 116 stitches place marker (Somewhere on the back knit two stitches together so the total amount of stitches will be 234 ) Knit 59stitches. Continue in plain stocking stitches for 140 rows.

With four needles size 2 mm cast on 60 stitches using long tail cast on and knit 13 rounds of ribbon. On the last round increase to 78 stitches ( 33 % of the key number ). Change to the orange yarn and needles size 2,5 mm. Continue in plain stocking stitches for 151 rows.

Now make phoney seams on body and sleeves ( see pictures )

To be continued...

Note to myself:

Try using the knitted cast on or maybe long tail cast on with double yarn.

Learn a good and easy way to get those sketches in the computer and maybe do collages; does anyone know ... ?


d said...

Oh Mette!
I am always so pleased reading your blog - every item posted here is sooo perfect in design and everything!
and so it is also your new cardi! simply perfect - even the background! and I really envy your patience! needles in size 2 - GREAT JOB!
warmest regards from Vienna!

Veronika Yngwe said...

Oh my, oh my...This is even better than Odd Molly´s cardigans. Where do I find the knitting instructions to Lady Mabbot - besides your creative an wonderful blog? In one of Elizabeth Zimmermann´s books?

Ulrika said...

Du är ett geni!

Ulla said...

Fed cardigan - glæder mig til fortsættelsen. Jeg skal også have gang i de tynde pinde . . . og håber, at du noterer, om ikke andet, så nøgletallene i opskriften.

Emily said...

Wow! The sweater will be gorgeous. Looks like a time intensive project that will pay off!