Sunday, June 7, 2009

New baskets - new projects

New projects... Well that is not quite true... I started these projects about a year ago, and somehow things didn't really turn out the way I wanted them to.

I saw Brooklyn tweeds version of Saddle shoulder Aran cardigan by Meg Swansen ( EZ's daughter ) and thought maybe it was time to knit something for John ( He had been begging me to make something with cables ). It was all started before I knew anything about Elisabeth Zimmerman's percentage system so it was really a project that exceeded my knowledge and capabilities at that time. At the same time it can be real difficult to calculate how many stitches you need when you are using a lot of different cables on one sweater or cardigan, so I started over and over again. Then I was given EZ books for my birthday and did a lot of reading and things started to come together.

At the same time I started another project. I wanted a thin cream coloured cardigan in all alpaca, but no It just was too floppy, so that was stashed. Finally I paired the thin alpaca with some Shetland wool in the colour Maize, and that turned out very well.

These two projects was actually the ones that made me realize that I needed to plan and organize my knitting more. Both cardigans are close to be finished and I am quite content that I didn't give up cause I just had to learn so much.

And still I really like these baskets...


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Mette said...

Smukt arbejde! Jeg er helt vild med kurvene.