Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shop update

After quite a bit of cleaning yesterday at the shop I have listed the new pants.
I hope, in the future there will be a listing of new things every two weeks or so, so if you havent already put Flødehesten on your blogroll, now would be a good time. If you are not in to all this blogroll thing send me your email and I will let you know when there are news.

I will be making clothes in the size range from 0 to 6 years, but will be making the individually pieces in sizes, I find suits the actual design. There will be no sold pieces in the shop, but if you want to see them it will be possible at here

The pants below are in sizes 68 cl. (6-12 months) and 74 cl. (1-1½ year). all vintage cotton, machine washed and line dry, each piece unique.

Have a nice day... I will have now a latte and donut to celebrate !


muralimanohar said...

Oh, woohoo, YOU are the one I got those pics from!! I saved some pics of them AAGES ago, but forgot to save credit, and have been looking at them in my folders, wondering WHO the heck made them!

Anyway, yeah, they are SO SO cute!! :D

Kristina said...

HOLD da op! Du har haft travlt!!
Hvor ER de bare flotte og fede og søde og alt det der!

Kirti said...

wow Mette, really you just have this amazing touch in everything you do, from your office to these clothes...beautiful sense of colour and design. AND you are a mama. inspiring!

Ulrika said...

Sådärja! Nu är du igång igen! SÅÅÅ fina byxor! Jag som inte ens gillar rött har min aabsoluta favoriter i flera av de röda varianterna! Tycker mycket om de som är tredje nedifrån på den vänstra spalten!

Nu ska jag till min verkstad och ta emot ny lera!
Ha en fin helg!

Den gode feen said...

Så fantastisk fine bukser. Jeg elsker den med store orange blomster og må inn i butikken din for å ta en kikk :)

fine little day said...

Oh, they are all so nice!

Joanna Goddard said...

so cute! i love all the bright colors.

prettywithribbons said...

These are absolutely adorable. Your blog is also lovely!