Monday, September 3, 2007


Very unusual. There I was, just sitting in one spot for one hour. High temperature and high humidity. Drinking water and pushing the camera button once in a while was all I accomplished that hour. Oh yes that’s right… I did leave the chair once for the self portrait. It’s a cliché, but things are slow here. How do they do it ? I get bored so quickly….Are they different ? Is it because of my protestant heritage that I feel guilty not doing anything or is it just a matter of personality. I guess that all the Greek have accomplished in the dawn of our civilization, must have been during wintertime. By the way John is not Greek but he could be. I had no idée that the newspaper ( Weekendavisen ) could last that long…..


Kristina said...

Ha ha...funny!
Dejligt at se dig ;o)

Kirti said...

It's a different pace for sure. I think it's the one for me. I met Danish man from Arhus on NAxos in '93 and was living in London at the time. I ended up spending 2 and a half years between Arhus and London, learning the language and eating far too many bakery delights. I miss it and look forward to visiting again one day (not with the Danish man anymore! It's a joy for me to read your blog to have that connection again. And I love your clothes, pottery and apartment. Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks Mette!
Kirsten :D