Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Taking time

What would I do without him. When I get stuck in my head, in my life doing my stuff, he kicks my........making sure I go out there, see people. And yes I love it. Meeting people and making new friends is wonderful. Today I had coffee with hopefully a new friend, met two other Friends, and will be seeing yet another friend tomorrow....Fabrics, sewing, knitting,crocheting...have to wait

This Calender I would love to have hanging next to my board, just making sure I don't disappear into that world of one idea, and another, and another....The picture...is it really that long time since I took.... I wonder


:: melissa :: said...

I love the calendar - it's fantastic!
Melissa x

//FINE LITTLE DAY// said...

Hope you had a lovely friend time.

I like the calendar too. My last sewing machine was a Singer, it was a good one.